Designer Comfortable Bed Bumper - SV1253

  • Looking after a growing child can be an engaging task as the babies are on the move always, no matter how cautious you are, the moment you take your eyes off them they tend to bump into something. Sunveno’s bed bumpers have been specifically designed to protect babies from injuries in their cribs. When babies learn to crawl, the chances of them hurting themselves increase, these bed bumpers are cushioned to protect them from serious injuries.

    Soft & Comfy: The bumpers have been padded with enough cushion to ensure that they can absorb the impact if the baby bumps into the sides of the crib. The outer clothing is ultra soft and comfortable to protect babies from any skin rashes or itching.

    Bright and Designer: All the bumpers have vibrant bright colours and animated pattern design to keep the babies cheerful and happy while they stay in the crib. You can switch and mix between various combinations and design.




  • Age Range: 0-3 months, 4-6 months, 7-9 months, 10-12 months
    Classification: Bed Bumper
    Pattern Type: Cartoon
    Size: 300
    Material: Cotton
    Brand Name: Sunveno
    Model Number: SV1253


GST Inclusive