U-Shaped Breathable Baby Pillow - SV13299

  • What is it that most of the newborn babies and young ones do the entire day? They sleep!!

    Even if they are not sleeping, they are lying on their beds most of the time until they get strong enough to sit or walk. So it becomes vital to keep them comfortable while they lay down as postural issues at a young age can become major physical ailments in the long run.

    Adding onto the range of baby care essentials, Sunveno introduces a range of specially designed pillows that keep the baby’s head in the best position so that the neck and spine stays in neutral position and helps to avoid postural issues and pain or strain.

    Scientific Design: After dedicated research and development, this U-shaped pillow has been crafted to perfection so that the back side of the baby’s head stays intact and doesn’t drift even if the baby keeps moving which most of them do.

    The pressure absorbing sides of the pillow help to keep the baby’s face in utmost comfort and helps the babies to enjoy a sound sleep.

    Comfort at Core: The pillow is filled with Polymer hose fillers instead of regular cushion or foam and since these fillers ar highly durable, the pillow doesn’t lose its shape even after long term usage. Outer layer is a proper mix of soft cotton and breathable mesh which makes the pillow soft enough to keep the baby’s delicate skin free from skin rashes or any sort of itching.

    Easy to use!!

    Easy to wash!!

  • Age Group: Babies
    Age Range: 7-9 months, 10-12 months, 13-18 months, 4-6 months
    Special Features: Nursing
    Grade: Grade A
    Brand Name: Sunveno
    Model Number: SV13299
    Weight: 0-1 pounds
    Feature: Cooling
    Pattern Type: Solid
    Shape: Concave
    Material: Cotton
    Filling: Polymer hose


GST Inclusive