5 Layer Antibacterial Breathable Waterproof Pads - SV22070

  • One of the troublesome tasks while taking care of a toddler is changing diapers. Babies urinate frequently and diapers need to be changed at regular intervals, our range of diaper changing pads have been purposefully designed to absorb more, last long and provide utmost comfort to the babies. Designed for long lasting usage and optimum comfort for your baby, Sunveno’s range of changing pads is a must for all you caring mommies.

    Five layered structure: Designed to absorb as much as possible, these pads are made up of 5 different layers. The two topmost soft cotton layer is meant to provide comfort to the baby and the next three layers of different padding are meant to absorb and lock the liquid so that baby’s skin stays dry and soft.

    Ultra-soft Comfort: Wet diapers and regular changing of them can lead to irritating rashes for the babies which is a common problem for mommies. Our changing pads have a special layer of 3D mesh at the top to make sure that the baby’s soft skin stays soft and comfortable even after multiple uses. It also helps to maintain the body temperature.


    Multi-functional: These pads can also be used as bed sheets for baby cribs or strolls or you can use them on beds and sofas so that the baby stays at ease and you can take care of your daily chores as well. And as these are pretty comfortable, even adults can put them to use.

  • Item Type: Changing Pads & Covers
    Age Range: 0-3 months,13-18 months,4-6 months,7-9 months,2 years Up,19-24 months,10-12 months
    Quantity: 1
    Material: cotton
    Model Number: SV22070
    Brand Name: Sunveno
    Size: Medium
    Waterproof: Waterproof
    Reusable: Reusable
    Durable: Durable


GST Inclusive