Adjustable Baby Diaper Cover - SV1177

  • Babies and diapers go hand-in-hand, literally! You simply can't do without using dozens of diapers in a day and still the situation can end up being messy, especially if you have an active toddler. The moment a baby begins to crawl, the mommies have to be on their toes, a minor slip in diapers and you have a lot of mess to handle.

    Sunveno's range of adjustable diaper bags have been specifically designed to rescue you from such messy situations and help you maintain your sanity and peace of mind.

    Carefully designed to adjust the grip so as to fit properly and make sure that the diaper stays in place and baby doesn't feel any kind of discomfort at all. Keeping in mind that babies tend to be quite restless and are on the move all the time, this cover makes sure that no matter what the diaper stays where it is meant to be.

    Simply slip the diaper into the pocket, adjust it and put on the cover as per baby's comfort and relax.

    The inner material has been carefully chosen which is delicate enough so that the baby doesn't get any rashes and is comfortable on their soft skin. Strong stitching and durable material ensures that these bags last long and are easy to clean and re-use multiple times.



  • Item Type: Nappies
    Age Range: 7-9 months,10-12 months,13-18 months,19-24 months,0-3 months,4-6 months
    Quantity: 1
    Brand Name: Sunveno
    Model Number: Others
    Suitable weight: 5-12 kg
    Gender: Unisex
    Material: Polyester
    Classification: Diaper
    Size : S;M;L;XL;XXL;adjustable
    Color: Cartoon


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