High Quality Baby Mattress - SV15800

  • Newborns or young babies tend to spend most of their sleeping and it becomes highly important to provide them comfort and care so that their delicate bodies do not get stressed or hurt due to postural issues while sleeping. Sunveno’s range of baby mattresses are designed to provide a firm yet comfortable surface for the babies to have a relaxing sound sleep as and when they want.

    Multi-Layered Comfort: With 3D polymer at the core for cushion, the mattress has silk and velvet on either sides with a layer breathable mesh beneath which provides a firm yet soft base for the babies to rest. Moreover, the texture on the outside is soft so as to avoid skin rashes or itching/irritation.

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    Spine Protection: The stress absorption structure of the mattress ensures that it doesn’t crumble with baby’s weight overtime and keeps its firm shape intact thereby protecting baby’s delicate spine from sprain or strain of any sort and thus keeping baby comfortable and healthy in the long run.

    Ease of usage: Zipper opening and closure makes it quite easy to use the mattress and clean it as well so that the mattress can endure regular wear & tear. You can simply fold it and load it up in a compact bag

  • Size: 120x60
    Age Group: 19-24M,10-12M,4-6M,7-9M,0-3M,13-18M,2-3Y
    Model Number: SV15800
    Material: Silk Velvet
    Brand Name: Sunveno
    Color: White
    Size: 120x60x4cm
    Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter


GST Inclusive