Safe Comfortable Walking Belt - SV1796

  • There wouldn’t be a more precious sight than watching a young baby trying to stand up and take her/his first step. And at the same time it breaks our hearts whenever they fall in their first endeavour to walk. Sunveno’s range of comfortable baby walking belts is a result of our dedicated efforts to make things easy for the mommies in helping the kids be on their own.

    Comfort prioritized: Crafted with soft polyester, the walking belt feels soft on baby’s delicate skin even after keeping the belt on for long duration. Mixed very well with 3D breathable mesh, the belt ensures proper air flow so that baby stays fresh and comfortable even in summers.

    Super Straps: Though the material is quite soft on the skin, the straps have been designed to be thick so that it can bear baby’s weight whenever they stumble or fall over so that you can have a proper grip and hold them upright to avoid injuries or bruises. Strong plastic buckles help to adjust the straps as per the height and weight of the baby as well as the level of their strength.

    Perfectly Upright: A baby’s muscles and bones are pretty weak so the moment they try to stand up, their legs are not used to handling the weight of the entire body. This walking belt helps you to make it easy for the baby to stay upright as you reduce the weight by pulling the upper body upright with the help of straps. As the baby gets stronger and begins to walk, you can decrease the stress on the straps and let the baby do most of the work, eventually letting them walk on their own without any assistance.


    Safe Fastening: High quality Velcro patches ensure that the belt is fastened securely around baby’s waist making sure that the belt doesn’t come off easily even if baby is moving pretty fast and helps you to control baby’s movements as you want.

  • Type: Harnesses & Leashes
    Model Number: w12712
    Material: Polyester
    Age Range: 10-12 months,2 years Up,13-18 months,19-24 months
    Load Bearing: 20kg
    Pattern Type: Cartoon
    Brand Name: Sunveno
    C: pink;green;blue
    Product: baby walker


GST Inclusive