Spacious Crib Hanging Bag - SV1949

  • A baby crib is quite a busy place, a baby needs regular feeding, cleaning, wiping changing, they need their cute toys too. Everything needs to be nearby as the baby keeps growing with passing weeks. So we thought to come up with a bag that can be hooked onto the crib and can store all the items that you would need to be the super-mommy!!

    Perfect Partitions: The bag has been carefully partitioned into 7 different compartments to store all the baby care essentials like milk bottles, diapers, baby clothes, toys etc. at one place so that you access everything easily as and when you need it. It has been designed with the aim of providing you ample space to store all the items yet it has to be compact enough so that it can be easily hooked onto anything.

    ✅ Insulated Bottle Holders To Keep Milk Bottles Warm For Long

    ✅ Net Storage Bag For Ease Of Organizing Things

    ✅ Clothing Storage With Large Opening For Convenience

    ✅ Zipper Diaper Storage To Keep Diapers Clean And Ready To Use

    High Quality: Crafted with high density Polyester, the bag is quite durable so that it lasts long against the regular wear & tear and the specific compartments do not lose shape or crumble against pressure.

    ✳️ The bag can be easily dismantled into 3 different portions and used separately too as per the needs.

    ✳️ You can hook it up in the cupboards or stick it to a wall nearby.

    ✳️ Separating the portions makes it easier to clean and wash the bag.

    #VibrantColours #AmpleSpace

  • Item Type: Baby Crib Hanging Bag
    Filling: PVC
    Age Range: 7-9 months,10-12 months,2 years Up,13-18 months,19-24 months,0-3 months,4-6 months
    Material: Polyester / Cotton
    Brand Name: Sunveno
    Pattern Type: Print
    Model Number: SV1949
    Colour: Blue, Pink


GST Inclusive